Elastic bandage Nets

Our elastic dressing netsis used to gently support dressings & compresses.Its airy structure minimizes the risk of irritation and excessive pressure. The product is non-sterile and single-use. The product is intended for people of all ages. What is more, our elastic dressing nets are recommended for use in medical facilities and for self-dressing of wounds. This is due to easy use and much shorter dressing fixation time compared to a traditional bandage. A great advantage of the elastic dressing net, apart from easy application, is also its free movement. If you want to use a elastic dressing net , simply cut it to the desired length and place it on the area to be treated.


Our elastic nets are packed individually in boxes. They are available in the following dimensions (free-flow length):

R-1 (finger) 1 m

R-2 (hand) 1 m

R-3 (hand-feet) 1 m

R-4 (Leg-knee-arm-foot-elbow) 1 m

R-6 (Head-arm-leg-knee) 1 m

R-8 (Thigh-head-hips) 1 m

R-10 (Hip-Belly) 1 m

R-14 (Chest-Belly) 1 m

R-1 – 10 m

R-2 – 10 m

R-3 – 10 m

R-4 – 10 m

R-6 – 10 m

R-8 – 10 m

R-10 – 10 m

R-14 – 10 m